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Confused About the Best Ways to Engage Your Employees?

Discover how to optimize your

most important asset - people!

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We've defined three key steps to understanding your company's employee engagement:

#1 The What

is addressed Part 1 of my new book Get More Productivity for Less Money ...

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#2 The Why

is covered in Part 2 and in our Leadership Training Program

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#3 The How

is introduced in Part 3 and developed by our
team of top service providers...

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Why Schaefer Recognition Group?

Learn how you can optimize your most important asset - people!

Employee Training Methods and Surveys

Employee training is one important way of building the image and productivity of a company. It is one way of introducing the goals and objectives of a business and it is ideal in honing the minds of employees, if you’re sincere. Before employee training is conducted, your tools and methods must be agreed upon.  In addition, surveys should be conducted, not to ask employees what they want, but to determine their current levels of skill and engagement in the process. In this way, as a manager, you can assess the details that your employees need you to focus on and decide which training content and approach are best suited for your company. The right employee training methods and surveys serve as a vital role in the success and growth of any businesses.

Employee Recognition Programs and Ideas

For performance-oriented companies, employee recognition programs and incentives are vital in mobilizing and improving the performances of employees, stakeholders, dealers, distributors, and other concerned members of your team. A company’s recognition programs and the perception the employees have regarding manager’s level of genuine interest are critical in making recognition effective and improving the image of a company, especially if it wants to boost its sales and profits.

Employee Incentives

Employee Incentives are forms of recognition given to deserving, dedicated, and hardworking employees who have proven their worth in the company. Once you’ve used recognition to show you truly care, giving employee incentives are helpful in boosting the morale of employees, allowing them to share in the benefits of going the extra mile, and best of all in improving the productivity of a company.

#1 The What

THE WHAT is addressed in Part 1 of my new book Get More Productivity for Less Money . . . Your Employees will Love You for It! How to turn your existing recognition and incentive expenses into profits and prove it to your CFO.   Additional manager/employee communications training is available in The Vocational Shrink's Communications Training Program (

#2 The Why|Why Schaefer Recognition Group?

Employee Retention at

"Where was this guy during my earlier career? This illuminating view through your employee's eyes will certainly open yours AND you will experience a substantial increase in morale, communication and revenue!"

#2 The Why

THE WHY is covered in Part 2 of the book as well as in our Leadership Training Program entitled Why Should Supervisors Care? Getting to the bottom of what they're really thinking - What's in it for Me?

#3 The How|Why Schaefer Recognition Group?

#3 The How

THE HOW is introduced in Part 3 and developed by our team of top service providers, craftsmen, artists and manufacturers. Your Umbrella Recognition Solution may include:

Service Awards
Performance Improvement
Retirement Programs
Proprietary Awards
Custom Plaques
Historical Art Montage
Spot Awards

Safety Programs
Sales Awards
Jewelry and Rings
Incentive Travel
Peer to Peer
Manager to Peer
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Quarter
Holiday Gifts

Why Schaefer Recognition Group?