Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

By John Schaefer, January 31, 2012 6:00 am

Bryan Drey of Arizona Public Service recently wrote about creating a positive culture of safety. The most striking was that a safety culture be positive, not just conscious. A positive culture reflects a commitment by management to create or continue that environment. The other striking point was management’s engagement in the process.

Drey continues: ” There are several key elements to creating a positive safety culture:

  • Management, at all levels, must be involved and participate in the safety program to show they genuinely care about the well being and safety of every employee.
  • Management and employees must participate together in collaborative problem solving to identify safe and unsafe behavior.
  • All employees should receive high quality safety training (consider hiring an expert third party) and follow training with ongoing coaching and on the job training from all levels in the organization.
  • Operational processes and policies must be established that ensure that safety is always at the forefront of any action or activity.
  • All employees must be empowered to report and when necessary act on unsafe behavior, and identified issues must be quickly addressed by management”

Engagement isn’t only about the workers; it is about management too.

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