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Lesson on Recognition from Packers & Steelers Superbowl 45

By John Schaefer, February 8, 2011 3:54 pm

While I was pushing for the Steelers, what was not too love about Superbowl 45?  Looked like they might just come back and pull it off (like they did against my Arizona Cardinals two years ago!)

At the end of the game when Roger Staubach brought in the Vince Lombardi Trophy, I couldn’t help but notice how all of the Green Bay Packers’ players lined up just to touch the trohy as it went by on the way to the podium.  I thought to myself, “… wonder how many corporate executives watching this picked up on this powerful form of recognition? Unfortunately, not many.  Most will go back to work on Monday and continue to use cash and gift cards to reward their people, then wonder why it’s not working very well.” 

We see it at every Superbowl, World Series and Olympics; the power of trophy-value and how money, while appreciated, can never bring out the extra effort it takes for top athletes to win the biggest events.  We all want and need compensation, but the big plays and gut-level extra effort come from people striving for “The Prize”, not an extra couple of bucks.   We see it over and over, yet don’t often translate it into getting top performance from our employees and managers.

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Being Honest, Genuine, Passionate and Focused, George Steinbrenner Leaves a Lasting Impression on the Yankees, New York City, and the Game of Major League Baseball

By John Schaefer, July 13, 2010 9:01 pm

By John Schaefer – America’s Employee Recognition Expert

His business success is without question. He bought the Yankees in 1973 for a little over $8 Million and today’s, after seven World Series victories, its estimated value is over $1 Billion. His complex personality and reputation for demanding perfection is legendary.
What many people don’t know is his love for children, involvement in multiple charities and the deep, emotional bonds he had with many of the players and coaches he worked with during his life. Those personal qualities are why he was able to grow the Yankee’s dynasty while leaving a lasting legacy that may never be matched.
The ability to lead with high integrity allows people like George Steinbrenner to be harsh, demanding, relentless and driven. It’s the difference between employees following with love and respect or cowering in fear with resentment. This is a good lesson for all leaders who are growing their business in today’s economy.
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